Net Zero Building Code

New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) is familiar to all in New Zealand, but what about another NZBC, a Net Zero Building Code; one world city is already on that path.

Costs too much, not feasible, impractical, not required. All the common arguments from those resistant to change when talking about zero emission buildings or Passive House. Despite the naysayers, there are countless buildings around the world, in all climates that use little or no energy from the grid, including office buildingshouses, and schools. Now one city is making it mandatory for everyone.

All buildings in Vancouver after 2030 need to be zero emission. Full stop. Every building. Read the bold plan here.

Could something like this work in Auckland? Of course! There are less heating degree days than Vancouver, more solar heating and a huge opportunity with the growing density in Auckland with the new unitary plan. Unfortunately, energy efficiency seems to be an afterthought in New Zealand at the moment.

Given the right voices in the right places, we can move our building code toward something that is competitive with the rest of the world. Oh, it really doesn’t cost more either…

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