Our Method

The design and construction of the building envelope is critical to the success of the built environment.

There are many risks of poor performance of the building enclosure which impact on the design & construction of the building: overruns of design programme, cost impact of the design, excessive consent periods, poor constructability and expensive running costs due low long term performance & maintenance.

The building envelope cannot be treated as a stand alone element as its performance fundamentally impacts on the performance of every other element of the building.

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Every project is unique so we follow a process to mitigate the risks of poor performance (during design, construction and building use) that allows for the individual nature of every building.

We can make the biggest benefit when we are involved from the very start. We translate the enclosure performance requirements into recommendations for the design. We mitigate the risk of poorly performing building enclosures by using a holistic approach: considering all the performance requirements of the walls, windows, roofs, basements and decks and how they work together. We work closely with the architect; we agree on the individual enclosure elements, the overall build up & the important junctions between them. Because we specialise on the building envelope we know what works and where items can be simplified to make them easier to build and more economical. From there, we then explain how and why element of the building enclosure complies with the relevant building code clauses for council compliance. Furthermore we are able to use our international expertise to improve the performance of the building enclosure beyond code – without cost impact. Just by being a bit more clever about detailing. The aim of this website is to outline how we do this.

We understand the science, the building code, the consent process & the construction process. This enables us to explain (point by point) why the enclosure meets and exceeds the building code in a way that’s simple and straightforward for council to understand. We take responsibility for the entire enclosure in our scope including the junctions between items. This has many benefits; including fewer gaps in the consent application and fewer RFIs resulting in a faster consent process.

We don’t lose time experimenting with what council will accept— we design effective, efficient solutions that we know are compliant. We answer questions before they’re asked, and due to our proactive approach, we’ve reduced consenting times for our clients from months to weeks, saving them time and money.

We support the project all the way through consent and into construction. Once construction is underway, we communicate what is to be inspected on site and work with the contractor to facilitate the construction process. We visit the site frequently to assure quality and avoid reworks. We test products on site, provide solutions to account for site variations, and communicate with the installers to deliver the products the right way.

This leaves minimal opportunity for queries from all parties and misunderstandings on site.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality work in a manner that it is efficient and cost-effective for our clients. If there is an area that you have a question on, please reach out, we will be happy to walk you through each step.