Gab Learns

Gab asks the questions every Kiwi wants answers to..

Gab thought she knew a thing, or two, about heating. Well the basics, at least.

She knew if the heater was on it would heat the surfaces and area of that room, and if she added another layer of clothing she’d feel warmer.

However, it wasn’t until she started working with the team at Oculus that she realised how she was heating her home, and how she was keeping herself warm was all wrong.

Lesson One: Heating

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Heating your home well can be easily achieved, but if your home isn’t insulated well it is like sleeping with a blanket only covering your legs! 

Gab wants to know how to locate energy leakage in her home, what an R Value is and how to minimise energy loss through doors and windows.

Lesson Two: Insulation, Energy Leakage and Draughts

Who knew windows were key to keeping your home healthy? There is more to windows than we know and Gab wants to know why we need to do more than just open windows and doors to ventilate our homes properly.

She dives into condensation, why thermal curtains won’t solve the world and why double glazed is better than single (both windows and doughnuts).

Lesson Three: Windows, Ventilation + Condensation.

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So what exactly is the building envelope? Why is it important? And what can I do if mine isn’t sound?

Gab wants to know what makes up the envelope and how every part of the enclosure plays a role in keeping homes healthy.

She discovers the three components and what we need to take note of.

Lesson Four: The Building Envelope

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Mould. There’s nothing good about it, and no level or amount of it should be found in your home.

Gab wants to know where mould comes from, what is it and what it needs to live.

She learns there are three things that mould needs to grow, and what we can do to eliminate mould to ensure we live in a healthy home.

Lesson Five: Mould

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