About Us

Oculus Architectural Engineering Limited

Founded in 2018, we launched with a vision of improving people’s quality of life. With our fresh approach, we are changing the way New Zealand designs its building enclosures because we believe NZ can develop smarter buildings, use greater engineering tools, and be a world leader in building design.

We’re creating more than facades, we’re engineering entire building enclosures. Because what we do is multi-faceted we take a comprehensive yet innovative approach, employing science and ingenuity to improve the status quo. We’re not only reducing the cost of future repairs and maintenance but the unnecessarily high rates of respiratory illness in our country. With logic and first principles as a foundation, we’re able to predict performance, mitigate problems, and ultimately design the best, most efficient solution for your building.

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Precedence doesn’t hold us back from achieving the bold

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An enclosure does so much more than protect from water. It controls temperature, mould, noise, wind, fire, air pollution, and solar radiation, and we take all of these into account. To properly tackle these various issues, we need more diverse expertise than just engineers, which is why we are comprised of architects, drafters, engineers, and tradespeople, drawing on decades of experience from around the world. We understand roofs, walls, windows, waterproofing, and anything else that creates a barrier, exploring how each component will best perform to protect from the elements.

Using computer modelling, engineering, and unparalleled experience, we’re able to produce buildings that last longer and provide a more comfortable environment in which to work, learn, or call home.