These resources have been created by Oculus to provide advice and guidance. All resource articles follow international best practice, and are backed by science.

What is a Healthy Home?

We already know what acceptable, healthy indoor conditions are. Decades of research has shown a defined range of indoor conditions reduce the risk of adverse health impacts.

No matter what house you live in you can improve your health if you live within this range of healthy indoor air quality.

This guide explains what a Healthy Home is, why Oculus are trying to achieve it, and what any New Zealander can do to their own house to improve their health.

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After researching the fire compliance of cladding in New Zealand since 2017, some may say advice from Oculus is conservative, but they prefer to think of it as design for the safest and best economical outcome.

This document outlines the compliance pathways and advice that follows international best practice.

What is the difference between a cold roof and a warm roof, and why should we build with warm roofs?

How does a warm roof impact the performance of my home?

What differences in mould growth is seen with little-to-no insulation compared to insulation in a cold roof? This guide explains it all.

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