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Founded in 2018, Oculus is an engineering and design company based in Auckland and Queenstown. Co-founders and owners James Powers and Shawn McIsaac have strong, international best-practice backgrounds in building design, construction technology and architectural engineering, as well as comprehensive knowledge of the New Zealand Building Code and consent processes. Oculus specialises in building cost-effective, high-performing, innovative and integrated buildings that have low lifecycle costs and are created with their intended occupants in mind.

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James Powers

Co-owner and Director

James Powers is a highly experienced engineer who has spent the last 25 years as a project manager, design manager, structural engineer, facade engineer and building envelope engineer in New Zealand, the UK, the Middle East and China. He has worked on many large, complicated structural engineering projects and takes an ‘outside the box’ approach combined with solid research and common sense to understand and communicate engineering principles at a deeper level than most.

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Shawn McIsaac

Co-owner and Director

Shawn McIsaac is a highly qualified building enclosure engineer who specialises in consulting on thermal, air, solar and acoustic performance. With experience working in America and Canada as well as in New Zealand, Shawn has cemented his position as an industry leader, sought-after specialist consultant and spokesperson. He is passionate about building science and promoting change in order to improve outcomes for people in terms of the way they inhabit the buildings where they live and work, as well as for their health.

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