Retrofitting refers to the addition or installation of a new system or technology that will improve the building performance.

Oculus believes that the building fabric should do more than just keep the weather out. It should also prevent condensation, and be energy efficient andto allow comfortable living conditions at low cost.

Oculus can design retrofits on older properties or buildings to improve the energy efficiency of the house, and better living conditions for the occupants.

Oculus has extensive experience in retrofitting with outcomes of reducing household emissions, improving efficiency and preventing moisturemnoisture damage and mould.

Significant energy savings of between 75 and 90 % can be achieved – even in existing buildings, for which the following measures have proved to be particularly effective:

  • improved thermal insulation (based on the principle: if it has to be done, do it right)
  • reduction of thermal bridges
  • considerably improved airtightness
  • use of high quality windows (there is no reason why Passive-House suitable windows should not be used whenever the opportunity arises)
  • ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery (again, Passive-House-suitable systems are very recommendable)
  • efficient heat generation
  • use of renewable energy sources

These are exactly the same measures that have proved to be successful in new constructions. A number of examples demonstrating the application of high-efficiency technology in existing buildings have become available in the meantime.

We would recommend designing to the EnerPHit-Standard and verifying the designed performance has been achieved in use.