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Placement Building Enclosure Engineer

Matt Bowman

Academic Achievements 

-Candidate for Bachelor of Applied Science, Civil Engineering – University of Waterloo, Canada

-20 months of building enclosure consulting experience through the University of Waterloo’s internship program


-Belanger Engineering – Project Coordinator

-RDH Building Science – Engineering Assistant

-Oculus – Placement Building Enclosure Engineer


027 357 0699

Career History

Modular Home PS1 – Waikato, NZ
-Created PS1 design report for a modular home in the Waikato District

-Demonstrated how a modular home manufactured in another country can comply with New Zealand’s Building Code

555 Fulton – San Francisco, CA, USA 
-Acted as a project lead for a 100% window water testing project for multi-storey residential building that had a leaky curtain wall system

Faith Manor & Tennyson Gardens – Hayward, CA, USA
-Performed construction monitoring for two low-income/affordable housing rehabilitation projects

-Reviewed project submittals and RFI’s

Project Glazing Litigation Support – Portland, OR, USA
-Assisted in two litigation support projects pertaining to defective curtain wall and window wall systems

Brewery Blocks – Portland, OR, USA 
-Performed multiple building enclosure condition assessments (BECA’s) for a five-block high-end shopping and professional neighbourhood located in Portland’s Pearl District.

-Wrote the respective reports for the BECA’s and provided recommendations for repairs.

Balcony Restoration Projects – Toronto, ON, Canada 
-Involved in several balcony restoration projects for mid-high-rise buildings throughout the Greater Toronto Area

-Performed dozens of reviews from a swing stage