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Kevin Hsu

Building Enclosure Engineer

Academic Achievements 

– Bachelor of Engineering (Honours); Majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering


027 250 7057

Career History

Fletchers Construction (Infrastructure Division)        

– Graduate site engineer on the Northern Interceptor, looking after the extensive concrete scanning, mapping reinforcing bars and determining the positions of 60 L-brackets the Upper Harbour Bridge

– Responsible for the demolition works within Hobsonville Pump station followed by permanent works upgrade in the existing Dry and Wet well.

– Development of work packs, JSEA, inspection test plans as well as placing orders from suppliers and coordination with subcontractors.

Leighs Construction

– Internship with Leighs Construction working on Ko Awatea 2. Ko Awatea 2 is an extension learning facility to an existing building due to the increase in demand in learning and development space.

– Part of the management team onsite I organised daily tasks and paperwork, and ran several weekly toolbox meetings.

– Overseeing the health and safety (H&S) onsite along with the H&S manager, foreseeing danger and formulating solutions to eliminate and minimise risks.