Meet Shawn


The team is growing, so we thought it time to get to know some of the faces behind Oculus!

Meet Shawn McIsaac – Director

Describe yourself at age 10

Playing probably every sport out there. In between practices I was either making stuff, or breaking stuff.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

Parking warden at local university campus

If you could do another job for just one day what would it be?

Assuming this magic wish comes with all the necessary skills, I think I’d do well in as an emergency room trauma surgeon. I think well on the fly and can come up with new ways to solve problems. Anything requiring outside-of-the box thinking with some consequences seems to appeal to me.

What new industry trends are you seeing and what excites you about them?

Exterior insulation is going to be the story of the 2020’s. The exciting part is it solves so many building envelope challenges and is really easy to execute. It’s hardly new, but new to New Zealand and unlike other imported technologies this one works.

You’ve talked before about not just following the herd, latest trends, or excellent marketing, but to intelligently and purposefully consider the impacts of our design and consumer choices. Can you discuss this a little bit for us?

For some reason, scientific evidence is no longer required or respected in our world leaving too much room for snake oil and magic beans. People hire us to cut through all this nonsense and tell them what they do and don’t want to spend their money on. We’ve found lots of unnecessary things across the industry and those prevent some of the good things from making their way into projects. If we can help people get good value into their buildings we might actually have a chance to turn this industry into one we can all be proud of.

How do you keep up with latest technologies?

LinkedIn is quickly becoming the easiest means to gather information, at least initially. Being able to reach people around the world and share ideas has been really eye opening. As with anything, any new technology should be taken with a grain of salt but often the due diligence pans out.

Can you briefly summarize what you do at Oculus, and what a day-to-day looks like in your role?

I think my job has become just holding it all together, and making sure everyone has everything they need to do their best work. Some days a new technical challenge, others a new project or client meeting, but somedays it’s just doing the dishes or taking out the trash. Clearing out blockages and creating new opportunities is most of my day.

What’s been your favourite project for Oculus and why?

I’ve lost count of how many projects we’ve done where we’ve saved our clients from doing the normal and has end up saving them time or money and resulted in a better performing building. It’s not every project but 90% of them we have made a little bit better than they would have been otherwise.


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