Meet James

The team is growing, so we thought it time to get to know some of the faces behind Oculus!

Meet James Powers – Director

Describe yourself at age 10

It was so far back it was before recorded history. I can remember sitting around the fire int he cave painting antelopes on the walls. Not sure what happened to them but UGG thought they were quite good. I did get told off a lot for beeing cheeky.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

Working in a corporate entity that was very conservative, used a by the numbers approach and stifled any creativity, passion, innovation and thinking differently to massage arbitrary KPIs. 

If you could do another job for just one day what would it be?

Spaceship Captain with weekends off to play for Nottingham Forest under 21s

What new trends are you seeing and what excites you about them?

Seeing how smart the next generation is. We’ve found that if you let them come up with their own solutions and follow their passions you get some great outcomes. They have all of this know how about new tech and passion for doing things differently. Counter to popular industry opinion they are very hard working and ask some great questions.

You pride yourself on clear communication with clients, what advice can you give us on creating that dialogue and how it changes at different stages of the project?

Try to have empathy with you your talking to and come up with solutions that benefit both parties. Picking the phone up or meeting directly is always better than sending emails. Especially those passive aggressive emails where you copy in the boss.

A lot of your experience has been overseas, what are you enjoying about working on local, NZ projects?

Everywhere has its unique way of doing things. One size does not fit all. New Zealanders are rightfully proud about their country and I’m very grateful that, as a Pom, people take on board my point of view (occasionally). 

What’s been your favourite project for Oculus and why?

Grays Avenue is an incredible project for Kainga Ora, a 200 unit social housing development with some NZ first sustainable design designs – really challenging -but will be a game changer for residential development in Auckland. 

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