Meet Denise

The team is growing, so we thought it time to get to know some of the faces behind Oculus!

Meet Denise Martin – Principle Analyst

Describe yourself at age 10

Not an easy time, lots of moving house and schools. Introverted and studious.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had? 

Parenting – underpaid, undervalued and keeping  the house clean is a sisyphean task 🙂

If you could do another job for just one day what would it be? 

Singer, Performer

What new trends are you seeing and what excites you about them?

Hard to say, because we are following so many things from overseas that are lightyears ahead of where the market is here in New Zealand, but it’s good to see a trend towards changing legislation that will finally bring good quality housing to everyone – whether they want it, understand it, or not.

You have extensive knowledge in passive homes, discuss what this concept means to you and the effects it can have on livelihoods

The concept is about building a building so you can achieve all your heating, cooling and ventilation needs with a mechanical ventilation system – based on some basic international indoor air quality standards. The effect this has on the livelihoods of people is greatly underappreciated. A permanently warm, dry, and well ventilated space (CO2, VOC’s, Particles) has a large impact on our general wellbeing, our health (physical and mental) and our productivity. Energy efficiency, durability and low operational costs are more of a side effect – yet they seem to be the dominant focus in the current market.

Being a female in a traditionally very male dominated industry, how are you seeing this change and what can we expect in the future?

I have a different cultural background. Women have always worked and achieved similar to men in my family. I love working with all the women at Oculus and in the industry. You should just do what you love and don’t worry about your gender. 

What’s been your favourite project for Oculus and why?

My favourite project was preparing a guidance document to the Australian Building Codes Board for a holistic approach to condensation mitigation – having had so much exposure to the german building code and Passive House I understand how condensation is such a multi-facetted aspect of building science and therefore affecting many parts of the Building Code – being able to put that into a coherent document was great for me – despite the backlash we got from the review board.

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