Meet Dani

The team is growing, so we thought it time to get to know some of the faces behind Oculus!

Meet Dani Foote – Waterproofing Consultant

Describe yourself at age 10

At age 10 can you guess all I wanted to do was go fishing with mates, nothing much has changed since!

What has been the worst job you’ve ever had?

Either door to door sales of sponsor a child in Africa, great idea but the people selling were ruthless and no sense of shame or sensitivity. Or kina processing – a disgusting jobs.

If you could do another job for just one day what would it be?

Wilderness trout fishing guide in the South Island.

What new trends are you seeing and what excites you about them?

People are finally starting to understand warm roof better, this along with ventilation will solve a lot of the terrible housing designs NZ has.

You are a self-confessed waterproofing and roofing guru, what do you love about this sector?

When I look at the rest of the Oculus team there is also a lot of experience in this area, one thing that differs me from others is local experience and contacts in this industry. I enjoy the complex nature of basement and roof construction as they are so different from each other, and I find most people are extremely scared of both of these areas. So maybe I am called a “Guru” but sometimes I don’t feel it as I still learn something new about what I do every day.

A lot of your role is liaising with different specialists and functions, what tools do you use to enhance this process?

Get hands on, get stuck in and try to understand what the situation is, what we are trying to achieve, and how do we resolve it.

What’s been your favourite project for Oculus and why?

Man St Hotel in Queenstown, but it still hasn’t started yet (maybe why it’s my favourite), but I’m excited to see it start, amazing project with a two level basement with habitable space and a flat podium.

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