What areas do we need to upskill / educate ourselves on to be ready for these changes?

Most would need a refresher on how to calculate construction R-values. If you haven’t been doing this calculating new ones may take some time. To assist, Oculus will be developing some common ways to comply with these new values to give you a starting point.

Window performance is largely the biggest change to the residential space. The combination of window frame performance, glass selection and actual sizes of windows in a house is an area not previously understood. Most window suppliers will have standard guides to help and can offer you a project specific R-value calculations free of charge.

Roof space air leakage is now a huge concern with cold roof construction. With the reduced drying effect that comes with more insulation, there comes a greater risk of condensation. To combat this, air tightness at the ceiling level either through airtight drywall (and sealed penetrations) or a separate layer is critical.

You can also take an introduction course in Passive House design which is an excellent introduction to the basics of building science and high-performance buildings https://www.phanz.ac.nz/2018/05/certified-passive-house.html

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